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Parking Senors Parking Sensors MRX-PSR4-20
Parking Sensors MRX-PSR4-20
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Part Number: MRX-PSR4-20


These very stylish parking sensors are probably as near to original equipment of manufacture (OEM) you will get, they offer a very affordable but simple solution to aiding you park your vehicle wether it is a Mini to an S Class Mercedes these parking sensors will definitely be a benifit when they are fitted to your car. These professional parking sensors can be painted to match the colour of your vehicle ensuring the blend in with the style of your car as if they had always be fitted.

How They Work:

The system works by emmitting an ultrasonic echo out from the rear or front of the car covering the area behind these sensors. Once the ultrasonic echoes come into contact with an obstacle they rebound back into the sensor and is transmitted to the brain box were the information is processed to calculate the distance you are from the offending obstacle.

As with other systems the MRX-PSR4-20 unit is activated by the reversing lights which automatically come on once the vehicle has been engaged into reverse gear. This turns on the parking sensor system immediately ensuring no delay and offering full confidence that this system will guide you back. Once you are approxiamately 1.5 metres from an obstacle the beeper starts to beep at regular intervals and as you get nearer to the obstacle the more frequent the beeps become until a continous tone is ommitted indicating you are approxiamately 300mm from colliding with an obstacle.

These parking sensors should be used are as a parking aid and not as a total parking system and normal due care and due dilligence should be taken whilst reversing



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