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MRX-24-7 was established over 3 years ago which was formed to service the transport industry's needs. In an effort to stay ahead of the game we have generally targeted the Bus and Rail industry firstly manufacturing products to there designs and then ultimately developing our own products to use with in this industry. As the plastic side of the company slowly receded we had to think of other ways to expand and grow, we then utalised our skills in to a wider common market of CCTV but rather than remain the conventional stance we strived to enhance the CCTV with a tried and trusted vehicle Digital Video Recorder  (DVR) and miniature CCTV cameras for the use primarely in Taxi's whilst doing so we found a neche in the market place for other vehicle products such as DVD Player, Headrest Monitors, Digital TV for cars and the list goes on.

We are now proud to offer a full range of products to complement our original line with introducing High Quality products with an unusually low purchasing price supplying to the trade and retail we have discovered we can be competitive on vertually all electrical produts. The best way to find out the product range is to browse through our website and explore the many possability's for your vehicles or Cars.


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